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Get your body ready for the wedding!

It’s wedding season, y’all! Are you engaged and soon will get married?? Congratulation!! Or you just said yes to your best friend to be her bridesmaid? Perfect! You’re excited. Now what? The wedding is coming up soon, and you want to look best on the wedding day. The question is: how do you do to get your body ready for the wedding?

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Well, after doing some research, we found out the three thing that helps your body ready for the wedding:

  1. Sweat it out!
    Human body always need a good work out. Whether you like to run, go to the gym, or swimming, anything that makes your body sweat will help you burn fat. And burning fat means healthier body. When your body is healthy, it is easier to keep it in shape. Try to work out at least 3 times a week!
  2. Keep up the good diet!
    This is where we come in, a lot of places in Atlanta serve healthy food that will not temp you to get those wasteful fat to your body. When you come in to Cafe at Pharr, all we have is healthy food. Our chicken salad cup is only 252 calories. Some people will do a cup a day for lunch and you don’t have to worry about anything else.bridal party, bridal shower, atlanta choice
    One of our best customers, Katie, just got married last weekend. Leading up to her wedding, she ate lunch with us almost everyday ( I mean, she’s always been!). When she got engaged, Edi, our awesome servers, introduce her to the Egg Potato Salad. Since then, she got hooked! She loves it on a toasted multigrain, open sandwich style!And there are many more brides that comes to Cafe at Pharr so they will be in shape for the wedding day. All we want is for you to be healthy and in shape!
  3. Don’t stress out. 
    When the big day is coming up, you might get a little stressful. Let’s not get too stressful, though! The tendency is that you get hungrier when you are stress. You lost a lot of energy thinking about something too much. Make sure you hired the best and the most professional vendors when it comes to your wedding, like our sister company, The Chef’s Table. They have the best staffing & catering team that will make you feel at ease. The right vendors will make you less stressful about the wedding, so you have more time building your marriage.At the end of the day, you know there is no such thing as perfect, BUT it will be amazing. It will be fun! Remember to savor the moments. The moment you two become one, the moment your best friend said I do! The details of the wedding are important, but your marriage is more important!

image credit: Glorious Moments Photography

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