Fancy Nancy

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Have you came to our Cafe recently and wondered what is Fancy Nancy salad? Well, the story of Nancy style salad starts with one lovely lady. After years and years of coming to Cafe at Pharr, Nancy Dixon Bellows, one of our most loyal customers, has made a historical change in our Cafe life.

Nancy Bellows


Nancy started coming to Cafe at Pharr everyday when we opened at the Pharr location. When she first came to Cafe at Pharr, Walnut Chicken Salad was her favorite.  After a few years, her favorite change to Celery Salad Plate. And the history change forever. Since then, she always order it in a way that nobody does.


She asked for the salad to be chopped, even the tomatoes (so smart, right?)! She also ask for extra celery on the side and sliced avocados on top of our original salad. But, she removed the gluten from the salad, that includes our yummy yogurt rolls. Now because of her, her family and friends started to ask us to make her the  “Nancy” salad. Not only that, some people that does not even know her will look at her salad and want it the same way she does. Lots of people keep the yogurt roll and homemade bread ‘though!

So started at the beginning of the year, we have put Nancy style as an options to add on for your salad plate. For only $2.49, you can get it fancy the Nancy way.

Nancy, we love you so much! We love seeing you everyday!

4 thoughts on “Fancy Nancy

  1. Rebecca Heery says:

    Love, love, love this woman to the moon and back. She has a heart as big as Texas and a smile that outshines the sun. We all love you, Nancy….and Kate and Sallie and Harris. The whole fam damily. XOXO

  2. Vanessa Smith says:

    Awww I love this. Cafe Pharr is my favorite place to eat. Everytime I come to Atlanta I ask if we can go to Cafe Pharr for lunch everyday and my precious mama Nancy Dixon Bellows says of course we can.

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