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I did not choose the Ginger Dressing life, the Ginger Dressing Life chose me.

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If you have been to one of our locations, you probably have tasted our Famous Ginger Dressing. With no oil or preservatives, our ginger dressing is for everybody. We serve all of our salad with ginger dressing on the side, some people even ask for the ginger dressing for their sandwiches to dip in. But when you get a bottle of our dressing for your house, you can be creative! You can use it for something else. Why ginger tho? Because we believe that ginger has a lot of health benefits for you. We want you to be healthy. There is so many ways you can use our ginger dressing, but our 3 favorites are:

CAP Marinated Ginger Fish

The other thing you can marinate with our Ginger Dressing is raw fish, our favorite is Tuna, yes Ahi Tuna that we have at the cafe. Usually we marinate the fish fillet for a good 30 minutes before we seared it. You can also marinate the whole fish, you just need to marinate it at least one hour. To accompanied that, you can sauté some vegetable with onion and put it on top of the fish. This is great to serve with rice.

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Cafe at Pharr Grilled Steak

Have you thought about marinating your chicken with our ginger dressing? Yep! You read that right. Our ginger dressing is so delicate that you can even use it to marinate steak. We tried it before we created this blog post and we love it.

  1. Rub your favorite steak (our personal favorite is Filet Mignon) with your favorite oil. You can either do olive oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, or even sesame oil.
  2. For 2 lbs of meat, pour 1/4 cup of our ginger dressing to the marinating bowl. The vinegar inside our ginger dressing will tenderize the meat before we cook it.
  3. Marinate for at least one hour before you start grilling.
  4. Pat the meat a little bit, then Grilled it out!


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CAP Special Sushi Roll

Craving sushi in the middle of the night is no secret. Sometimes you just need to fulfill those cravings by making your own sushi roll. Wait, but you don’t know how! What to do? But then you remember that you have a bottle of Cafe at Pharr Ginger Dressing in your fridge.

When you mix a bowl of rice with 3 table spoons of our ginger dressing, your sushi rice is ready. You just need to add your favorite toppings on it. Get your bamboo mat ready, lay some seaweed on it, flatten your ginger dressing rice and some toppings (avocado, salmon, tuna, cream cheese, and cucumber), then ROLL it!

Although we give you 3 other things you can make with our ginger dressing, don’t stop using our ginger dressing as a salad dressing. At the end of the day, we made this dressing for salad anyway! Mix it up a bit, add some pasta or soba noodle, or add some mix greens. Make your life easier by having the all in our dressing in your fridge. Get one bottle today at one of our locations! Make sure you have enough bottles for salads, steak, fish, sushi, and more!


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Our Famous Ginger Dressing!


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